Avanti Offers Visia Skin Analysis, Cutting Edge Technology To Map Skin Condition

Visia Skin Analysis system, a technological-driven leap that has completely transformed the science of cosmetic treatment. Before Visia, cosmeticians have had to judge the condition of their patient’s skin qualitatively. Using a high tech form of multispectral imaging, the Visia system maps the patients facial skin in great detail, allowing cosmeticians to see the causes of skin damage in a depth before unknown.

Visia’s system images the face and analyzes data to identify and diagnose six basic factors in the health and appearance of skin: wrinkles, pores, spots, evenness in complexion, porphyrins (which are evidence of bacteria in the pores), and UV spots (which identify damage from the sun and other sources of ultraviolet radiation). It also compares the patient’s skin with the median patterns of others of the same age and ethnicity. This depth of analysis permits cosmeticians to see their patients’ skin more objectively than ever before.

Such an incredible amount of data on the condition of a client’s skin allows cosmeticians to tailor treatments specifically suited to repair the type of damage present. Cosmetic procedures can now be customized with scalpel-sharp, medical precision, each facet polished to improve problem areas associated with different types of facial condition.

Such precise results in every case eliminate the need for guesswork or subjective evaluation. With the Visia Skin Analysis, your skin will be deeply scanned for the relevant data on how best to repair it. With the analysis, you can rest assured that your treatment was designed specifically to suit the needs of your skin.

Avanti Medical Spa is devoted to helping you find the most appropriate and efficient procedures to rejuvenate your skin and restore that youthful look to its former glory. With a new, cutting edge tool like Visia Skin Analysis, we’re more capable now than ever before to give you just that. There’s no need to worry whether your treatment is serving your personal skin needs; Visia Skin Analysis makes it even easier for us to provide exactly what your body requires