Ditch the razor, get the laser! Avanti now offers Isolaz for Hair Reduction!

The use of lasers to remove unwanted hair is the fastest growing, most efficient and safe method for long-term hair removal currently available. Laser hair reduction provides longer lasting hair growth delay compared to other conventional methods such as shaving, wax, epilation and depilatory creams. Lasers target hair follicles to alter the growth cycle and provide the opportunity for rapid treatment of large areas with long lasting results. Isolaz Laser is easily tolerated and allows for quick treatments of large areas of the body without the need for targeting each individual hair follicle.

How Isolaz Laser Hair Removal Works

There are various laser systems available for removal of unwanted hair. Skin type/color is an important factor in choosing the type of laser best suited for you. The ideal person for treatment with Isolaz laser hair removal is a fair skinned individual with dark hair. Suntanned or darker pigmented skin is less responsive to laser treatment It is recommended that treatments be postponed for 3 weeks after sun exposure to ensure no problems occur.

Hair growth is successively reduced with each laser treatment, allowing for long-term hair reduction after a series of laser treatments. Partial hair regrowth typically occurs after 6 months requiring additional maintenance treatments as necessary. It is best to contact our Licensed Aesthetician, Kira Fernandes for a consultation to go over the best treatment plan for you.

What Areas can be Treated?

Lasers and pulsed light target several follicles at once, so you can treat large areas of skin. You can treat most any area of the body, it is best to treat areas with darker hair color.

Are Results Guaranteed?

No. Laser hair removal works better on some people than others. No one knows for sure what the regrowth rates are. Some people notice regrowth after several months or years, while others find they never have to shave again. The average experience is 70-80 percent reduction in hair growth if you do a full 4-6 course treatment, consulting our Licensed Aesthetican, Kira Fernandes will give you an idea of what your individual results will be.

What will it Cost?

Laser Hair Removal prices vary, it depends on the area you want treated. It is best to speak with our Licensed Aesthetician for individualized price rates and treatment recommendations. 

Pick the Right Expert

Many salons advertise inexpensive and discounted procedures, but the best quality medical spas will provide high quality treatments for reasonable rates. Do your homework before signing up for services. Book only with a Physician or licensed technician, preferably and aesthetican trained in lasers. Here at Avanti Medical Spa you not only get expertise of our Licensed Aesthetican, who is trained in class 4 lasers and our Board Certified Otolaryngologist and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Kalpana Depasquale she is available to give the recommendation of treatment levels and offers support and advice if needed.

Call today for a FREE consultation with Avanti Medical Spa’s Licensed Aesthetician Kira Fernandes. Let us discuss the treatment options that are right for you!