IPL PhotoFacial Frequently Asked Questions from Avanti Med Spa!

If you have had an IPL before, but not with the ISOLAZ, you will experience a breakthrough in non invasive medical skin care. The ISOLAZ IPL incorporates photo pneumatics into this skin rejuvenation treatment. The ISOLAZ IPL Photo Facial is ideal for patients with Rosacea, as it has been proven to reduce the redness and flushing of Rosacea by 80% or more.

Why the Isolaz IPL Photo Facial Works!

The ISOLAZ IPL stimulates the production of new collagen by using an intense pulsed light that penetrates your skin at the deepest levels creating a healthier, smoother and more vibrate skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are decreased. The redness associated with Rosacea and the uneven skin tones can be dramatically reduced.

This photo pneumatic laser also clears the pores of excess oil and debris; a benefit not found with other IPLs. Your skin will experience a new clear, vibrant glow. IPL Photofacial is a low risk non invasive procedure that provides clinical results.

Areas that can be treated by the photo facial treatment include the face, neck, chest and the hands. IPL is great for reducing broken capillaries or visible red veins that are associated with sun damage. At the same time the Intense Pulse Light is working to rejuvenate your skin.

Is IPL painful?

You will experience a slight heat sensation as the pulses of therapeutic light are passed over your skin. The sensation is very mild and easily tolerated. You will also feel the suction cleaning your pores.

What are the Side Effects of IPL PhotoFacial?

Your skin may look slightly flushed temporarily. This mild “glow” will usually not be noticed by other individuals. If you wish, you may apply powder or make-up right away. There is none, to very minimal down time.

How long do IPL PhotoFacial results last?

Photofacial results are long-lasting if you undergo the prescribed number of treatments. During your consultation, a professional will look at your unique case and let you know exactly how many treatments you would require to see the results you are looking for. A skin regimen can be carried out at home to maintain the results. After a couple of years, a touch-up photofacial treatment might be needed.

How long is the IPL PhotoFacial treatment?

Photofacial is performed in a series of treatments, about 5 in total, spaced 3 weeks apart. This timing can vary with everyone depending on their needs. Each treatment takes 15-30 minutes.

What is the recovery time for IPL PhotoFacial?

Photofacial recovery time is virtually non-existent. Some redness may occur after the treatment, but is easily covered. Patients are able to return to normal daily activities the same day as their photofacial rejuvenation treatment. Most patients have the procedure done on their lunch hour!