Tune In, Modern Men – Avanti Medical Spa’s Dr. DePasquale to Appear on WJXT’s Morning Show, Jan. 31

Great skin care isn’t just a “girl thing.” Modern men increasingly are admitting it’s very much a “guy thing,” too. So, this Friday, Avanti Medical Spa‘s Dr. Kalpana DePasquale will appear on WJXT Channel 4’s Morning Show to share top skincare tips with Northeast Florida’s male TV news viewers.

Dr. Pasquale’s 9:00 a.m. segment will focus on differentiating what works – and what doesn’t- in skincare products aimed at male consumers. An effective product isn’t the same formula marketed to women but dressed up in guy-centric packaging. And it isn’t one with harsh chemicals that can actually do your skin more harm than good.

“Whereas women’s skin tends to be either oily or dry, men’s skin is inclined to both conditions,” Dr. DePasquale explains. “Men get oily skin because they tend to sweat more than women. That means their skin is constantly hit with dirt and toxins. Unfortunately, many of the skincare products marketed to men contain chemicals that can excessively dehydrate the skin, leaving it dry and prone to premature aging.”

So how does the busy modern man balance these two opposing skincare issues without having to undergo a daily multi-step regimen? Tune in Friday morning to find out. And check out Avanti Medical Spa’s Just for Men products on their website.