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Do you suffer from recurring sinus infections or chronic allergic rhinitis? If so, it is probably time to visit St. Augustine Sinus & Allergy. Whenever possible, our nose doctor will recommend a non-surgical treatment plan combining antibiotics, nasal sprays and/or lifestyle changes. If these medications and modifications fail, your doctor will likely recommend the least invasive surgical intervention to manage your nasal disorders or correct abnormalities.

Previously, a balloon sinuplasty had to be performed in an operating room environment. Thanks to advancements in the technology, Dr. Kalpana Sundar was the first Sinus & Allergy surgeon in St. Augustine to offer a less invasive sinuplasty and, as a Master Trainer, she continues to teach other Sinus & Allergy doctors how to perform the minimally invasive sinus surgery. A much thinner catheter is carefully inserted into the nostril and the balloon tip is inflated to widen the sinus wall. Since the balloon sinuplasty uses no incisions, your recovery time is shorter and most patients return to normal activities within 24 hours.

Minimally Invasive Sinus Center

As a viable alternative to the surgical removal of tissue and bone, a minimally-invasive balloon sinuplasty offers many benefits for opening sinus passages, such as:

  • catheter-based surgery

  • minimally invasive procedure

  • better safety profile

  • maintains sinus lining

  • small balloon widens opening

  • drains mucus from blocked sinus

  • reduced bleeding

  • quicker recovery time

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