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Recurring Sinus Infections

Recurring sinus infections can have many causes. Sinus cavities are lined with mucous membranes that naturally produce fluid in the nasal passages. When your respiratory system is healthy, this fluid drains throughout the day. However, regardless of what caused the blockage, if nasal fluids cannot drain normally, it is easy to develop infections. Thus, any poorly controlled ear, nose or throat problem can contribute to chronic sinusitis.

Sinus sufferers often fail to get proper medical help in fear of the treatment being worse than living with the condition. That's not true. New technologies like a balloon sinuplasty use a catheter to gently open blocked sinus passages. Once normal drainage is restored, your sinus problem can be managed using medications to reduce sinus discomfort, restore your Sinus & Allergy health and improve the quality of your life.

Contributing factors to Chronic Sinusitis

Healthcare issues that can contribute to chronic sinus conditions include:

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