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Stuffy Nose, Headaches

If you have sinus congestion accompanied by severe headaches, fever or swelling around your eyes, your nasal congestion may require medical attention. Generally speaking, Sinus & Allergy doctors suggest that you "think seven". In seven days any cold should be better. If yours is not, it could be an early warning sign of a more serious sinus condition. Medical therapy, including drugs such as antibiotics and steroids, is typically the first approach.

For many sinus congestion sufferers, medications may fail to resolve symptoms and only provide temporary relief. In some cases, a patient can become stuck in a cycle of repeating rounds of antibiotics or use of steroid nasal sprays for relief the same symptoms. When medical intervention is not working, Sinus & Allergy treatment options such as in-office balloon sinus dilation or endoscopic sinus surgery can provide more permanent relief.

Pediatric Nasal Suctioning

There are presumed benefits to nasal suctioning. However, there are also potential risks. Nasal-pharyngeal suctioning can produce:

  • trauma to mucous membranes

  • bradycardia

  • laryngospasm

  • cardiac dysrhythmias

  • emotional distress

  • bronchospasm

  • edema

  • tachycardia

NOTE: Infant nasal suctioning is most often used by doctors and nurses at a pediatric hospital. Only a medical professional can safely assess a child's nasal health and determine the correct catheter size, suction pressure and method of suction. You should discuss any need for at-home nasal suctioning with your physician before proceeding.

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