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Deviated or Abnormal Septum

A deviated or abnormally formed septum can block nasal passages causing unnecessary breathing problems. The wall that divides the nostrils is composed of bone and cartilage that should be relatively centered and straight. However, if nose trauma, nasal disease or congenital abnormalities leave the septum crooked, chronic nasal obstruction can lead to a host of problems. Dr. Kalpana Sundar will conduct a thorough examination of the nose to determine the right treatment plan for the best outcomes.

In some patients, a deviated septum can literally block the airflow to one side of the nose. Treatment for mild conditions may include prescription medications or the use of adhesive nasal strips to correct the nasal obstruction. In more severe cases, a septoplasty is a routine out-patient procedure performed in a surgical setting under general or local anesthesia that is typically accomplished through a very small incision* inside the nose. Unlike cosmetic nose surgery, a septoplasty does not normally cause bruising or black eyes.

Reasons to Consider a Septoplasty

We can help with that. Listed below are some of the common nose problems that we treat to include:

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, about 35 million people develop chronic sinusitis each year. That said, numerous things can contribute to chronic nasal problems, such as seasonal allergies, polyps, environmental exposure, septal deviations as well as enlarged vascular structures in the nose (turbinates). Correctly diagnosing "cause and effect" is vital to determining the most appropriate approach for ongoing treatments or nasal surgery.

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