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What is Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is used for people with respiratory allergies caused by tree pollens, grass pollens, weed pollens, animal dander, molds, and house dust mites. It is also very effective protection against allergic reactions to insect stings.

Allergy immunotherapy is a clinically documented treatment that considerably reduces or completely removes your allergy symptoms and the need for traditional, symptom-relieving medication.  An additional effect of allergy shots is that it may prevent the onset of other allergies and the development of asthma. Studies have shown that children who were at an increased risk of developing asthma were able to resist the onset of asthma and see their existing allergic symptoms decrease after completing treatment. 

During treatment, the immune system is gradually strengthened by building tolerance through injections of small doses of specific allergenic proteins extracted from natural allergen sources: pollens (grasses, trees, and weeds), house dust mites, animals, insects and more. Your immune system eventually grows accustomed to the allergens that previously caused an allergenic reaction. Among the wide variety of treatment possibilities available today, allergy immunotherapy is the only treatment that targets the cause of allergy and alters the natural course of the disease.

Immunotherapy treatment is known to have a long-standing effect even after it is discontinued. Scientific studies show that results are maintained for 5 to 10 years after the course of treatment has been completed.


For many patients, immunotherapy leads to an improved quality of life:

  • An end to discomfort and feeling ill• Consuming less symptomatic drugs for allergies

  • Freedom to participate in outdoor activities and sports during allergy season

  • Fewer problems having pets at home or being around people with pets 

  • The elimination of the constant fear of being stung in the case of insect allergy

You may learn to live with your allergies—but you don’t have to! See one of our Allergy Specialists to learn more about your allergies and to find out if immunotherapy is right for you.

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