Avanti Medical Spa Launches Clearly Luminous Skincare Collection

If you’re looking for a natural way to banish blemishes, we’ve got just the answer you’re looking for. Avanti Medical Spa has launched its Clearly Luminous skincare collection, a three-step regiment developed to treat teen and adult blemishes.

The collection includes:

  1. Clearly Luminous Cleanser: Two-percent salicylic acid and daily extract naturally brightens the skin while additional botanical extracts help to moisturize and prevent wrinkles. One unique ingredient is Totarol, which is harvested from New Zealand’s Totara tree and provides an anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant property.
  2. Luminous Hydrating Toner: Containing D20 (heavy water) and hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture loss and plump the skin. Fructooligosaccharides, which promote healthy growth of probiotic bacteria to strengthen the skin.
  3. Clearly Luminous Serum: This revolutionary serum reduces oil production, locks in moisture and provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties with the use of Totarol and lilac stem cells.

Though the Clearly Luminous line is great for females and males of all ages and skin types, it’s particularly effective against blemish breakouts common in teenagers, menstruating women and women undergoing age-related hormonal changes. Unlike many commercially available products that irritate and dehydrate sensitive skin, the Clearly Luminous collection is made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals or preservatives. It’s carefully formulated by Avanti Medical Spa founder Dr. Kalpana DePasquale, a board certified facial plastic surgeon and skincare specialist who draws upon both science and age-old traditions of her native India to create powerful but gentle, nature-based skincare products that target and correct specific skin issues.

Clearly Luminous products are available individually and as a kit. Purchase yours online or at Avanti Medical Spa’s St. Augustine or Ponte Vedra locations.