Did you Know? 50 is the New 40 in 2015!

Supermodel Elle Macpherson, singer Sheryl Crow, actor Brad Pitt, and actresses Angela Bassett, Michelle Pfeiffer and Julianne Moore all are among the gorgeous celebrities who are rocking their fifth decade. That’s why in 2015, 50 is the new 40. But looking and feeling 10 years younger isn’t just for the celeb set. If a healthier, happier more vibrant looking you is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, St. Augustine’s Avanti Medical Spa offer these tips:

  1. Make smarter food choices: Adopt a diet that’s rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats like fish, flax seeds and nuts – all of which benefit brain and heart health. Cut bad fats, calories, sodium and processed foods.
  2. Keep moving: Age is no excuse to retire to the rocking chair. Regular aerobic exercise will help keep your circulation strong, protect your joints and boost brain cell growth, keeping your mind sharp and reducing your risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. And, a recent study found that regular strength training actually helped to reverse aging in the muscles of older participants, kicking up genetic changes in their cells that made their muscles more like those of people in their 20s.
  3. Get social: Refuse to be an empty nester. If your brood has flown the coop, take advantage of your newfound freedom by renewing old friendships or making new ones, joining a club, taking up a hobby or volunteering for a cause you support. Studies show that an active social life reduces the risk of heart disease, depression and age-related memory problems. A furry new friend can help, too. People with pets tend to get more exercise, require fewer visits to the doctor’s office and enjoy lower rates of heart disease and cholesterol.
  4. Go to bed: Hit the sack for two important reasons – sex and sleep. There are multiple benefits to continuing to enjoy sex well into your later years. Sex keeps you physically, mentally and emotionally strong, reduces stress and can prolong your lifespan. Plus, let’s face it – all those years of practice mean you’re better at it, less inhibited, and free of unrealistic expectations and the fear of pregnancy. Just remember that getting at least seven hours of sound sleep remains important to your overall health, too.
  5. Get a beauty boost: With a healthy lifestyle, there’s no reason you can’t look as young as you feel. Adopt a daily skincare regimen using a high-quality product mix tailored for your particular needs. And take advantage of the myriad of age-defying cosmetic procedures available today, including facials, chemical peels, dermal fillers, injectables and Isolaz Photofacial or Fraxel treatments.

You can fully and beautifully embrace the benefits of age – all the while sporting a younger, healthier more vibrant look. Call St. Augustine’s Avanti Medical Spa at 904-461-6797 to schedule a consultation today.