Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Avanti Medical Spa: Natural Aesthetic Solutions in St. Augustine, Florida is happy to receive feedback about how our services have changed the lives of our clients. Here are some of our favorites.


This experience has changed my life. I feel better and am no longer invisible.


I had Radiesse fillers and there was no discomfort. The results are amazing and I feel young again!


I have always been self conscious about my complexion until I started working with the staff at Avanti. I never throught I would be the one getting spontaneous compliments on my skin, but I do now, on a daily basis, I love it!


I’m really happy with the results, I notice that my large pores have now diminished, the sagging on my checks have lifted up and is now tighter and I have also noticed a glowing appearance.


Fraxel has changed how I see myself and how I feel about my appearance. I no longer feel 70 years old!


I have noticed firming and tightening of my jowls from the Thermage and I have noticed a complete disappearance of the spots on my face after using Obagi, I would recommend these 2 treatments to anyone looking for a better smoother appearance!


I am very pleased with the results. After looking at my before and after photos I realized how drastic the results were. I would recommend Obagi to anyone!


I had major volume loss that was very unflattering to my face, due to the aging process and how skin settles over the years. One always looks at their own face with the most criticism. In fact, when shown a group photo, most of us look at ourselves first- come on, you know you do it, and I do as well. I am thrilled to look at myself first now in any photo and especially in the mirror- even first thing in the morning. A few minutes under the care of Dr. DePasquale and her experienced staff made my face look much less aged-I look younger and just feel more refreshed.


My experience with the Avanti Medical Spa and their product line has exceeded my expectations. I have used many products over the years either at expensive make-up counters, drug stores and even by professional dermatologists and not had much success treating fine lines and acne. I have battled with acne since the fifth grade and dealing with that and starting to get wrinkles in my 40’s was very frustrating. The Avanti line has the only products that I’ve seen real results and the staff is very nice and knowledgeable. I never feel rushed or like I’m an interruption in someone’s day like I’ve felt at other dermatologist offices. I also enjoy being able to get refills online and have them shipped to my house since my work schedule doesn’t always allow me to go to the office since I live an hour away. I’m hooked and would recommend their products and services to others who want look younger and improve their skin. I didn’t realize how much better my skin could look until I saw the results and I feel more confident about my appearance and feel better wearing less make-up.


Finding Avanti Medical Spa has been one of my life’s pleasures. Dr. DePasquale and her staff are amazing. Everyone is so professional, caring and up beat! You can tell that they love what they do! I could not be happier with my treatments. From Botox to fillers to Fraxel I have subtle, age appropriate changes. My appearance is more youthful and fresh- and all because of Dr. DePasquale and her staff. I highly recommend treating yourself to Avanti Medical Spa!


I have used great products in the past and most of them, physician grade. Avanti Rx products are far superior to anything I have used on my skin. No matter what I did prior to Avanti Rx, I still looked a bit uneven and often just darker in areas that made me look tired and older than my actual age. All of the products in the line are terrific. However, the Lightening Therapy is really the miracle therapy and all of the products are as pleasant to smell as they are to use.


I have my entire life been dealing with sensitive skin. I, basically, have tried just about every cleansing regime and product on the market designed for my skin issues, but I found continuously that I would break out within a few hours up to a few days after using them or that my skin would become dried-out. This is not true with the Avanti Rx products that I received from Dr. DePasquale. I’m finding after using Avanti Rx, that my skin is healthier and happier. I was so impressed with these products and the reasonable cost comparison–I use very little in my daily routine–that I brought my 17-year old daughter in to Avanti Medical Spa to find out her skin type, so she could also begin using Avanti Rx.


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