Restylane Silk Dermal Filler

Restylane Silk Treatments in St. Augustine

Everyday life means a lot of stress to the sensitive skin around the mouth. That includes eating and drinking, talking, laughing, and all of the ways we express ourselves. So when it comes to aging, it’s no wonder the living lines around the mouth continue to develop and deepen. Restylane Silk smoothes those living lines around your moth and delivers fuller lips with natural-looking results. It’s uniquely formulated for precision, so your specialist can create the subtle enhancement you’re looking for. Restylane Silk is an FDA-approved* dermal filler with benefits that include:

  • Results last 6 months to 1 year
  • Integrates with facial skin tissue
  • Feels more natural to the touch
  • Smoothes etched-in lines and wrinkles
  • Maintains normal facial expressions

Restylane Silk is a soft and cohesive hyaluronic-acid gel filler that spreads evenly into the skin for a natural look. Unlike other dermal fillers, Restylane Silk can be injected superficially without creating a bluish hue. Depending upon the amount of correction desired, after one or two treatments*, your skin can look smother and feel more supple. With treatments taking 15 to 30 minutes, early correction of superficial wrinkles has never been easier.

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*In a clinical study of 118 patients, most patients needed two injections of Belotero Balance® to achieve optimal wrinkle smoothing.